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Affordable Therapy

Professional affordable therapy designed especially for you.

As a person I’m straight forward, flexible, reliable and honest and the services that I provide are just that.   

I’ve found that most of my clients are interested in eliminating pain from their lives and my job is to help them to do that.  In the act of eliminating pain you naturally increase pleasure.  

I love helping people to successfully develop and to thrive.

Therapy is specifically tailored to each client and their needs.  This important because the cause of your problem is unique.  It was caused by the experiences you have lived.  So your solution(s) need to be individual too. 

The way I gain understanding of you and your problem is through a structured face-to-face informal chat during which I aim to put you at ease and build rapport.  To build a successful therapeutic relationship  you need to feel comfortable with me, to know that  you can trust me and ask me anything you need to. 

At the end of the initial meeting  you will consider our relationship to ensure that I am the right therapist for you.  If you decide to progress with therapy, we will work on discovering the cause of the problem.  It is only once the cause is established and treated that the affects of the issue can be permanently resolved. 

Please ask questions before you agree to a course of therapy.  All reputable therapists expect to be asked  about evidence of qualifications, training and insurance and will be happy to provide them.

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