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Willpower is the ability to express your will over your actions – it presents itself as decisiveness, determination and persistence, and the motivation to achieve a smoking, addiction, tobacco, stop smoking, quit cigarettes, quit smokingtarget – a person with strong will-power will succeed, where one with a weak will – will not. 

Motivation is a condition that comes from within and activates directional behaviour to enable goals to be reached.  The two as far as therapy goes –very often run hand – in – hand.  So what causes some people to have an iron clad will and others not?

Human qualities, humble, helpful, understanding, engthusiastic, trusting, able, tender generous, caring, curious, determined, valuable, daring, accepting, brilliantHave you noticed over the last couple of decades the appearance of ‘career-coaches’ or American type ‘motivational’ guru’s?  Ah good let’s pick on those who are lacking in direction and make loads of money!

There are lots of ideas and theories on why, some people have and others have not seemingly gained their fair share of will-power and motivation and my explanation revolves around your personality – people that have problems with excess, whether it is food, alcohol, cigarettes, medication, or another substance generally have one thing in common.  The substance is a quick fix to avoid resolving the issue at the root of their problem. 

For the obese – food becomes their focus…. It’s a reward used to make them feel better – the trouble is, the more they eat to make themselves feel better the heavier they become and therefore the worse their body image and the lower their self esteem because they (and even worse others) view them as weak – so the problem self-perpetuates…. Ever heard of the term spiralling out of control? 

The obese person may join a slimming group and lose lots of weight…. They are gaining motivation from other people through shame and reward…. They are ashamed if they have not lost weight at the weekly weigh in, and they are rewarded by praise and awards if they have…… but as soon as the target weight is reached and they leave the support of the group….. the behaviour returns…..  something makes them feel bad, incompetent or whatever the trigger is and the original behaviour returns….. Does this sound familiar?…. 

You need to treat the cause of the issue

This is true for people with dependency on all kinds of things…. The problem could be anything from a long forgotten unresolved child-hood issue, through to something went wrong during the day, but what most of them seem to have in common is that they have been conditioned  to self-regulate…. They have been taught to reward themselves and shame has been used as a punishment. ….

The way the mind works is on two levels, that that you need to know to function – otherwise called the working memory and the things that you know automatically – otherwise known as the long-term memory.  All of the issues surrounding an excess, or compulsion are locked in the long-term memory and have a trigger which is often locked into the way you have learned to behave in childhood this ‘unthought known’ can follow you around for life. As it is an automatic response to a set of circumstances and because it is automatic, the individual is unaware of it unless it is pointed out.

.  And both they and their families generally are too close to realise that there is an issue in the first place.

   people who are lucky enough to have both a strong will-power and motivation are often from certain personality types.

 There are many ideas surrounding the issue of self control, or will-power and they depend upon the idea that self control is a resource that can renewed and used up

 Many conditions depend upon both.  The obvious conditions that depend upon the two are obesity, and substance dependency…. Of all the conditions though that are obviously displayed people who suffer with weight problems are seemingly judged more harshly. 

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