Stuttering or stammering is a remarkable disorder. It’s easy to treat and has been claimed to be impossible to cure.  

So what causes it?

Brain scans have found that adult stutterers appear to have abnormal under activity in their central auditory processing area

…..Yes OK guys I know, that’s technical talk

… so enough!  

The problem with adult stutterers’ auditory processing is unknown, but one theory is that it is simply caused by fear.  What stutterers have in common is frustration, fear and anxiety.  In the words of one stutterer below. (courtesy of

Many former stutterers have had quite high flying careers – so you’re in good company, anyone remember Winston Churchill? – he got around his problem by researching political issues weeks in advance and finding responses to any possible objection, or Kim Philby, a spy who claimed that stuttering once saved his life, because it confounded a fast paced interrogator.  Men are not the only ones to suffer Marilyn Monroe, who’s famous pout and heavy breathing was a way of slowing down speech, thus dealing with the condition, and Carly Simon got round her issue by singing.

 Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Lingistic-Programming (NLP) are excellent for treating all nervous disorders, because they rapidly and effectively deal with both cause and effect of issues.

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