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Are you feeling exhausted?  So tired that you have difficulty in functioning? 

Do you fall asleep when you shouldn’t?  Your head just falls forward and then you jump and wake yourself up?

Do you take sleeping pills, and found that after a little while they no longer work, or they lost their effectiveness?

How many times have you gone to bed dog tired and desperate to

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sleep, dog tired, tired, exhausted, sleepy, fatigue, fatigued, sleepy,

get to sleep? You lay there and sleep just doesn’t come…  The harder you try the less able you are to sleep, and so the cycle continues… everyone else seems to sleep so quickly and easily and you’re feeling resentful that they can sleep and you can’t…. does this sound at all familiar?

There are many reasons that people have difficulty in sleeping…. Some are medical, others physiological, others psychological…. Most reasons for not sleeping are fairly straightforward, such as changes in your life, perhaps, your work has become erratic, maybe you’ve lost your job, or are worried about something, or someone, have you had a change of medication, hormonal changes, diet…. Perhaps there has been a change of temperature, or climate, or partner?  I’m sure many of you have coped with a snoring companion… I’ve got two, they are loveable canines, but I wish someone had told me what a racket Boxers make when they sleep, before my first one chose me as a companion… For some people it’s much worse, they have to sleep with their snoring companion!.

I can help you to enjoy natural sleep without the use of drugs,  help you to break free from your cycle of sleep deprivation…. help you to get back to your normal self…. get your brain working properly again…. free you to exercise your chuckle muscles again…… relax and just……. sleep. Contact me today to claim your free consultaion, or for a chat and free advice 


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