The mind and how it works

brain and awareness

The mind has a massive capacity, and in order to work effectively it has two main parts. One is automatic and simply reacts to things that happen without thinking about them, it stores everything that has ever happened to you.  Sometimes it is called the subconscious mind and the other part is aware of what it is doing it has to plan and think it does not simply react. Sometimes it  is called the conscious mind.

Many things including feelings like happiness, sadness and pain, become automatic when something happens a response is always the same.

Baby smiles and it’s carer smiles back, baby reaches out and is picked up. In time a smile automatically leads to a cuddle and so the behaviour is set.

Most of the time the mind works automatically – if it had to think about each part of an activity like walking, or breathing, or drinking, or eating it would overload and be unable to do anything else.

The mechanics of all your automatic activities are hidden in a particular part of the mind and it is this part of the mind that we need to access to find out why you are suffering, and what we need to do to resolve it. Some people are surprised to find that this part of the mind knows their cause and that their treatment is so straightforward.

The only thing you need to bring to your treatment is an open mind and a willingness to trust me and to follow your treatment plan which is designed to resolve your problems.

Why it works

Your brain is the control room for your body. It’s like an information highway, with lots of electrical circuits that perform individual tasks and regulate all of your bodily functions. Most of the circuits are automatic, but they are constantly evolving – being developed and replaced throughout your life.

If some of your circuits are not working properly you can choose to amend, or replace them. The key is in learning how to do it and whether replacing them is a good idea or not.

You remain in control all the time.

In some cases you may need to change the circuits a number of times before you are happy with the balance.

That’s it straightforward and simple.

A therapist is your facilitator to assist you to make any changes, that you want.

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