Regression and past lives

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.”

To move forward it is very often necessary to move backwards first.  The action of re-tracing your steps can help you to find out what is holding you back, therefore it follows that during therapy it is often desirous to regress to the original cause of an issue under hypnosis to resolve it permanently.  Depending upon the client, their personality, the issue and the number of traumas that they have had in their life any one of a number of approaches may be adopted.  It may be desirable to go directly to the issue, or, if the client is aware of more than one trauma it may be advisable to ask the subconscious mind whether there are multiple issues that caused the problem. 

 If it is suspected that there are a number of issues involved a lifetime scan  will uncover just how many issues the client needs to resolve and the more open – ended the questions that are asked sometimes the more surprising the results. 

 Surprise no 1

The cause of the issue may seem trivial and sometimes disappointing.  Very often people say is that all it was?  The reason may be that the sub-conscious mind has heaped a lot of emotional baggage onto it.  Usually this type of issue occurred during early childhood when the individual was too young to articulate, or understand their feelings so emotion was heaped on.

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The issue may be so severe that in order to protect itself, the subconscious mind will not allow itself to remember the cause.  Further more in this kind of case it may be that the individual brings themselves out of hypnosis.

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The cause of the issue is not in this lifetime at all – it may be in a previous one.  This can be particularly upsetting, if you do not believe in the possibility of having lived before.  Sometimes this is the case where there is an irrational fear, or sense of hatred for another person, or for something like water, or fire.  Some people who have difficulty with motivation, or their weight find the reasons for their issue through previous lives. 

 One commonality with regression is that the regressee will adopt the persona of an earlier time of life.  If for example the issue occurred during early childhood the client will often become child like, for example be shy, nodding or shaking their head and talking like a very young child (if that is where the root of the issue lies).  If they had been restrained in some way their limbs may move into the position that they were in, at the time of the incident.  For example, if an adult has been beaten as a small child they may hunch themselves in order to be protected from a savage beating.  If they have grown up expecting to be beaten, they may adopt a protective hunched stance.  As they grow up they may not be aware of doing so and a hunched round shouldered stance follows them through their life.  It also follows that the individual who beat them may be feared, and although as they progress through life they may have locked away the individual cases of abuse, they may have an unexplained fear of people with that personality type.  Interestingly though, usually the simple act of unlocking and being aware of the origin of the trauma is enough to resolve it. There are lots of studies that could be accessed which go some way to explain the phenomena. 

Resolving past issues, is not, however the only reason to undertake regression.  Many people wish to be regressed because they believe that they have lived before and want to test the theory, or are simply inquisitive.  Perhaps you are interested in history and want to see what happened to you in a previous age.  It should be said however, that there is no way of proving whether you have lived before, or, indeed whether you wish to look for the opposite, who will you be, in your next lifetime, progression to a future life is also possible.  You may choose an alternative explanation for the phenomenon.  All beliefs are, after all personal.

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