Nothing begins, and nothing ends, that is not paid with moan; For we are born in others’ pain and perish in our own. — Francis Thompson

Do you, or someone you love live with pain?

Would you like permanent relief from your suffering?

How can a psychological therapist help with pain? it’s locked in my body, not my mind. A logical thought perhaps. Although pain is felt in the body it can originate in the mind. You body is literally trying to tell you something. Do you need to take a step back and listen?

Using the power of the mind to treat pain includes methods used for thousands of years because very often pain can be caused by dis-ease and the less at ease you are, the more likely you are to develop pain or illness. If there is something that you are deeply unhappy about it can be deeply hidden within your mind, but show itself as pain in a certain part of your body.  A pain therapy can literally switch off the pain.

If you have already undergone medical tests for the cause and none has been found, the cause is often emotional: For example back pain, or, lower back pain may be the result of feelings that you’ve been betrayed, or stabbed in the back; maybe you’ve been torn between a number of problems.

IBS pain, stomach pain, or, abdominal pain could be due to something, or someone being a thorn in your side, or simply that you are trapped.

Chest pain may be caused by a crushing disappointment. Growing disappointment can cause illness to develop, or grow in your body.

Neurological pain, headaches, migraine can stop you dead in your tracks…. What is your body trying to tell you?

First things first.

  •  Do you know the cause of your pain?
  •  Has the cause been discussed with a physician?
  •  What was their opinion?
  •  Are you following their advice?
  •  What triggers your pain?
  •  Do some things exacerbate it?
  •  Are you taking prescribed medication?
  •  Does the medication work?
  •  Is the medication becoming less effective?
  •  Have you looked at alternative ways of managing your pain?

There are many techniques that can help with your pain. Therefore, as you are an individual, the method that will suit you is also individual. This is where a professional – such as myself comes in; because I treat you as a whole person, I listen to you, learn about your pain, your fears, your expectations, your emotions.

If you have been given a name and explanation for your condition such as chronic pain the name may not be helpful because once the symptoms are checked the expectation is for them to develop and often they do!

Contact me for help with your pain.

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