Do you have problems with remembering things?

Are you worried that you may have a neurological problem?

Have you ever searched to see if you can find a name, or explanation for your lack of memory?

Do you worry that you may have the onset of a degenerative contidition?

Do you worry  that it may be the onset of ……….?

Do you ever wish that you could just remember?

Yes it’s true that our brains shed cells as we get older, and the bit that is not publicised is that they also create new ones.  Your brain may simply need exercise.

Your memory is probably not as bad as you think.  Did you know that working memory (sometimes called  short term memory) has a duration of  just 10 seconds – so the next time you have problems in remembering something don’t be so hard on yourself – the simple fact is that the item simply hasn’t yet reached that point in your mind where it is permanently stored – your long term memory.   

Did you know… the biggest cause of poor memory is worry – fear, particularly amongst those of more mature years that ‘you’re losing your marbles’.  If you lack confidence in your ability to remember things and worry about your failures, the impression that you get, is those failures are becoming more and more frequent.  

Stop right there

If you are worried about something; your brain goes into over-drive you start thinking about things that you have forgotten.  Once you get into a spiral of thinking only about the negative – you forget that you still remember great aunt Daphne’s birthday and its now 40 years after she died, or that you did remember to buy most of the requirements in the supermarket.  The things that you remembered are more important than the things you forgot!

Worry is simply fortune telling – looking into the future, but only at what can go wrong.  If you’re expecting bad things to happen / that is all you will find.  The result can fuel the mind to believe it’s degenerating, driving it to look for more evidence to confirm decline.   

Yes as we get older all of our brains sheds brain cells and that can mean that they get smaller.  That’s an undisputed fact.  Another fact is that every day of our lives new  brain cells and neuro-receptors are created.  But – and here is the catch.  If you want to maintain or increase your mental ability you have to use your brain.  If you think about it that’s logical!  What happens if you spend a lot of time doing nothing?  That’s right your muscles waste away….. well your brain is a complex muscle that needs exercise, the same as your body does.

But in order to create more brain cells you need to take action and the best way of doing that is to do something that you enjoy.  Take up a new hobby.  Learn a new skill.  Meet new people.  By doing something you enjoy you not only help to keep your brain active, you are also creating feel good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin; so you will look and feel better and your self-esteem will increase.

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