Thank you so much for helping me control my impulses. EH
Anger, fury, hold my temper,

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.


Thank you so much for all your help i really appreciate you . MA

It makes me so angry I want to scream…… Ok perhaps that’s a bit girly…. For some clients for scream, read… kick the cat, punch your lights out… hit the wife/throw something at the husband… shut that child up…. Shut up…shut upshut up!

revenge, anger, enemy, hatred, pain, regrets, bitterness, conflict


Do you have a problem with anger?  There are lots of different types, some such as road rage are even made fashionable….. then there’s raw rage….. Some people turn red shout and swear, others throw things, some punch the wall, others turn and punch someone, often the person who made them angry, whatever their age, or the cause. Very often these are the people they should be loving and protecting – their partner and children – that’s domestic violence.  Furthermore domestic violence does not necessarily involve physical violence.  Verbal; or sexual violence can be as/or more damaging because it is hidden, the effect is in the mind of the victim.

Perhaps you bottle your anger and turn it inwards…. That can turn into depression.

So how can a therapist help with anger?  Skilled treatment can help you to find the origins of your anger, diffuse them and to channel what’s left in more constructive ways.  You can choose to be helped to become aware of your cues and how to acknowledge your rising feelings of anger, to understand what is happening to your mind and your body, and most importantly why it is happening.  Once you understand why things are happening and the pattern of events leading up to the event you will feel in charge.  The important message is that if you feel in charge you are in control.

I can teach you to recognise the signs and that you are taking action is all that you need to resolve your problem you will also learn to channel your feelings of frustration in more constructive ways.

Remember anger is only one letter short of danger!  If it’s due to an emotional upset, you will never be in control if you don’t talk about it.  Once something has been said in anger it’s not possible to ‘unsay’ it.  And attempts to retract hurtful words can be costly, in time, expense and energy.  Write down the cause of your frustration, and add to it; as things come to you over a period of hours.  Do not tackle the cause of the anger whilst still hot headed… you will only make things worse. 

“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.”

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