Are you in Pain?

Sometimes when you’re immersed in a jungle the only thing you see is a tangle of trees and vegetation.  A good therapist will help raise you above the trees so that you can take a look around.  Sometimes you will find that the path to help you escape is just a few  yards away – unseen through the jungle.  Your therapist will gently lower you onto the path so you can find your way.

Because your pain is with you it is easy to overlook all the positives in your life.

Perhaps your pain is emotional, or physical pain that you’ve been living with for a long time.  You may have seen your doctor and gained a diagnosis for your pain, but for a lot of people there is no diagnosis, no obvious cause.

However, there are pain solutions, that don’t involve drugs, or painkillers. It’s amazing how the mind can control pain, or even remove pain altogether – just like turning off a light switch.

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